anything else.

Not that i can think of. I’m glad i got to expierience high school but i am so happy to move on. on to the partys on to the money cuz you know we getting that bag. chasing dreams and living happy nobody around me to hold me back. life seems nice after high school


Day at the pond. sun is shining and the weather is perfect. i wish i could just jump in and breathe underwater. their is a hidden lair under that pond just waiting to be discovered, untouched by humans. inside leads to another large body of water with hundreds of different species of fish swirling all around you. some you’ve never seen. if only i could breathe underwater.


First thing that comes to mind is the kendrick lamar song ‘FEAR.’ In this song it seems like kendrick gives us glimpses of his child hood fears. Then he moves on and tells us that his biggest fear is death but he gets over his fears with drugs. Now his biggest fear is losing it all, his creativity, fame , money. His biggest fear is going back to what he once was.

Blue Ticket (Hood rap lines)

Chanel shoes and VVS diamonds on me like an extra mag.

Metal, got me singin “this is not pop this some rock”

No room for shame in this hood

Let that choppa sang sound like an applause

You will find ar’s and .223s on my mind

Choppa make that mouth drop

Go outside see crimson, run cuz we aint missin.

YSL like I’m a fountain.

Don’t break like a lock, no my gang never talk

ya my top drop, and ill pull up on the spot


My skateboard. something i hope will always stay close to my heart. Gets me through good and bad times. she’s thik tho approximately 8.375 inches thick. perfect for transition or street. she completely rips.

skateboard haikoo

It prevents aging

She is always their for you

Skateboards forever


list of my favorite designers

  1. Yves Saint Laurent
  2. Chanel
  3. Louise vuitton
  4. number (N)ine
  5. Raf simmons

list of favorite artists

  1. Playboi Carti
  2. Lil house phone
  3. Warholl.SS
  4. young thug
  5. Slime sito

list of cities id like to live in.

  1. Atlanta
  2. Chicago
  3. Compton
  4. San Diego
  5. Cancun